Witness Surveil's Benefit with Your Own Eyes

Seeing really is believing - which is why we're offering a free, 21-day demonstration of our Surveil platform, allowing you to see its many benefits for yourself.

Easy to Onboard

The Surveil demo takes just ten minutes to onboard, and requires only read-only access to your environment.

Seeing is Believing

Shine a spotlight on areas of optimisation, cost-saving, and security risk in Microsoft 365 and Azure.

No Obligation

If you're not impressed with the level of detail and excited by the potential savings, there's no obligation to continue.

Optimise, Secure, Control

Surveil uses AI-backed intelligence to optimise costs, secure identities, and give organisations back control of their Microsoft 365 and Azure environments.

4 Million Users Strong 

Surveil is in use in over 180 enterprises, with almost 4 million users and counting. Gain a new edge by tapping into the insights others have access to already.

Savings - and Much More

With an average annual saving of 26%, Surveil's users are optimising their cloud costs and reinvesting in security, people, and innovation. Beyond cost optimisation, however, Surveil offers a chance to back business decisions with AI-powered insights, secure identities, and enable smart remote working.

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